Saturday, January 22, 2011

# 1: Panasonic TA-1 HD Pocket Camcorder ultrathin enabled with Skype and iFrame (dark grey)

This, that and everything! HD Communications
Share your movies on the web

Upload your favorite movies. Is a breeze!
Easy Web upload. (Write HD PE 1.0 Embedded Software *)
Upload movies to YouTube, Facebook or anywhere you want. As soon as you plug the USB connector is built into a PC, TA1 applying PE HD writer 1.0 embedded starts automatically. With this simple operation you can instantly share your movies with the world.

* For Windows OS

Intuitive operation makes it easy. No fuss here!
Simple operation
Just press the Rec button to register. Then press the Play button to see what you have. Operation is easy, because each button has one function. You can just shoot you pick up the new camera. Ideal for users of PCs and Macs.
iFrame mode
The TA1 lets you record movies with iFrame. When you use iMovie, video data in iFrame camera are the same format as what you will use to edit, so that the import is fast and file sizes are small. You'll be able to edit and upload the videos on the internet and mobile devices. Iframe is standards-based, so it works with applications of andMac compatible PCs, for example Apple iMovie and PC applications. USB is embedded for direct connection.
Embedded USB
Built-in USB terminal TA1 means that there is no need to carry a cable and adapter. And you can charge the battery by simply plugging the USB terminal on a PC.

* Do not use any other USB extension cable, except the one specified. (Operation is not guaranteed by any other USB extension cable). Connect the TA1 to a PC and ...This is a web camera!
Works with Skype
The TA1 is compatible with Skype, video call. Talk face-to-face with your friends and family far away. Go ahead, try some Visual communication with the TA1.

* The use of a high performance CPU is recommended for video conferencing with high quality images.

Easy Versatile shooting functions.
Take it anywhere you go. It is instantaneous easy!
Compact size
Even with its compact size and mobility super, the TA1 for pictures and full HD movies. Simply slip in a pocket or hang on your wrist. It goes everywhere you go. Perfect for capturing all the days of fun.
Save your memories, in all their beauty.
Recording Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Record high quality full HD (1920 x 1080/30 p) movies with this compact impractical. Save those funny moments forever in beautiful HD images.

* Video full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels HD "household of Panasonic camera mobile refers to video with 1920 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1080 pixels in the vertical direction.

Combat handshake-to record crisp, clear images.
E.I.S. (electric image stabilization)

E.I.S. System (Electric Image Stabilization) helps to fix the type of blur-shake that often happens with compact cameras. Record all the images you want, if you're shooting while walking or taking self-portraits, without worrying about blur.

Get creative!
Effect function
Give the image of some heat with sepia mode, making it extra cool with monochrome or capture beautiful skin tones with soft skin mode. Match the shot to your mood and your subject.Save thoes precious moments.
Recording still images
The TA1 saves a smile to someone special or to capture the beauty of flowers wet in the Sun. You can save the memories like these high quality images with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

* Register 8 megapixel still images with 5 million effective pixels.

Crop special moments from your movies.
Capturing still images
You can cut and save a still image by simply pressing the button still picture right when the image is displayed on the LCD monitor of the TA1. This ensures that you'll never miss that perfect shot again.

* Still images cannot be cut during the filming of a video.
* The size of the image still eradicate is identical to that of the video image.

Dark scene? No problem.
LED light for shooting in Dim locations
Built-in LED captures crisp, bright images even in dark situations like closed or overnight events. *

* The lamp not go when operating in how Web cam.

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